Common Questions

Typically sessions are weekly and last 50-55 minutes per session.

The short answer: If you want to learn, grow and work to improve your life then YES it will work.

The long answer is different people fit with different kind of therapist and so it is best to find one that is a “fit” for you. Find one that you feel relates and empathizes best with your needs. In fact, research shows, the better the fit between you and the therapist, the better the success of therapy! So don’t sale your self short….if you CLICK you CLICK!

If you are setting goals and accomplishing them through change and/or improvement then therapy is working.

Tell you therapist and together you should be able to identify what is keeping you stuck or what is lacking causing minimal change.

NOPE, you share what you feel comfortable and know HIPPA regulations are utilized during all sessions as well as Duty of Warn when divulging information.

It depends! It depends on your effort, your desire to improve things, the therapist knowledge in a situation, and sometimes it even depends on how you take what is learned in therapy and practice these skills outside of therapy. Your future is in YOUR hands! Everyone deserves to have a finish point for their struggles and sometimes people aren’t ready during certain times of their lives so if you have to take a break and come back that is always welcome! The goal is to meet YOU wherever that may be and offer the support to empower you while providing hope for your future!